The Profoun Poet Set to Unleash Chapter 3: “Therapy” in 2024, Making a Raw Comeback with Global Hood Records

The streets are buzzing with anticipation as The Profoun Poet gears up to drop his latest heat, “Therapy,” hitting the streets early 2024. This ain’t just an album; it’s the third chapter in The Profoun Poet’s life story, following up on the realness dropped in “Perspective” (2016) and the harmony of “Balance” (2018).

After a cool five-year break, The Profoun Poet ain’t playing games. He’s locked in with Global Hood Records, and it’s about to get lit. Known for spitting truth and diving deep into life’s struggles, The Profoun Poet’s return is about to shake the block.

“Therapy” ain’t just beats and rhymes; it’s a raw journey through The Profoun Poet’s hustle, grind, and self-discovery. Global Hood Records, holding it down for authenticity and real voices, is hyped to welcome The Profoun Poet into the family. This collab is set to break boundaries and rep the streets.

The Profoun Poet breaks it down, saying, “This ain’t just music; it’s therapy. ‘Perspective’ and ‘Balance’ were chapters, and ‘Therapy’ is my life on these beats, a release for everyone out there grinding.”

Fans, get ready for the realest lyricism, street storytelling, and mind-bending beats in “Therapy.” This ain’t just an album; it’s the Profoun experience, dropping early 2024. Stay locked on The Profoun Poet’s socials and Global Hood Records for the exclusive 411.

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